what do we expect?

  • Natura 2000 network is fully completed. All SC RESs, IN MODs and IN MINs are solved by completing necessary studies, by establishment of new sites or revision of existing sites.
  • SMART conservation objectives for Natura 2000 are agreed at national and site level and supported by defined favourable reference values.
  • Necessary conservation measures (incl. management plans or equivalent planning documents) for all Natura 2000 sites are in place and allow for robust progress in species and habitats conservation status. 
  • Appropriate level of Natura 2000 management capacities of competent authorities (incl. on systematic surveillance of conservation status of species and habitats) is assured.
  • Forest management planning fully respects and involves Natura 2000 conservation aspects as standard part of its process.
  • Rural Development Programme involves necessary variety of specific biodiversity support measures (incl. for restoration of habitats and pastoralism as viable maintenance scheme).
  • The multiple socio-economic benefits of Natura 2000 network are assessed, highlighted and taken into account in public administration decision making processes.


Expected changes in conservation status of species and habitats

  • Improvement of the conservation status of at least 19 species of Community interest (19% of all species nationally reported);
  • Positive changes in the conservation status of at least 18 habitat types of Community interest (33% of all habitat types nationally reported under Article 17 of the Habitats Directive);
  • Improvement of population trends of at least 23 bird species (11% of all bird species reported under Article 12 of the Birds Directive).