Complementary Actions and Financing

One of the key requirements for LIFE IntegratedpProjects is to mobilize other EU, national and private funds for complementary actions. These actions, together with the activities of the Integrated project, must ensure the full implementation of the Prioritized Action Framework (PAF) – the national dtrategic document for Natura 2000 sites. Thus, the main goal of the integrated project is not only the successful implementation of the project activities, but the full implementation of the PAF.

What actions are considered complementary?

  • Actions similar to those funded by the LIFE Integrated project, but implemented in other geographical areas. It is when project activities are repeated in other territories, thus implementing the strategy throughout Lithuania.
  • Actions that are different from the funded activities of the LIFE Integrated project, but are implemented in the same geographical area, and complement the project actions in order to achieve the objectives which are set out in the strategy.
In this case, “Naturalit“ project envisages the use of various funds (European Regional Development Fund, Cohesion Fund, European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Horizon 2000, Interreg, Environmental Protection Program, etc.) and, together with the institutions coordinating the use of these funds to seek of full implementation of Natura 2000 network management objectives.

The implementation PAF will be ensured both through project activities and complementary measures. Of course, both the project itself and the complementary actions are only part of an ongoing nature conservation process that had began before and will be continued after the project.

The implementation and reporting of complementary measures is mandatory under the project funding conditions.

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