On the 2nd May 2018 LIFE integrated project was officially launched in the project kick-off meeting. The event took place in Vilnius. The whole project team and related partners had a great opportunity to discuss main project issues. Including project management, its progress, aspects concerning synergy with other projects, importance of good communication, etc.

Moreover, representatives of the Ministry of Environment presented their insights regarding European Commission’s inquiry on the implementation of Natura 2000 in Lithuania. Partners were also introduced to the new format of Prioritised Action Framework (PAF) proposed by European Commission in January 2018 as well as actions needed to be done within the project.

Partners also nominated project advisor from the Ministry of Environment to ensure proper implementation of PAF. Another project advisor was nominated from an experienced in LIFE+ / LIFE projects beneficiary. His main responsibility will be to ensure implementation of IP according to requirements of LIFE programme.

During the meeting important decisions on the implementation of project activities were made. Partners also elaborated detailed work plans, discussed aspects of the systematic coordination of activities, adopted proactive cooperation agreements.